Three Faces of Shireene THREE FACES OF SHIREENE
oil on canvas 

from A People Palette 
by Diana Hobstetter



Title of painting Three faces of Shireene
Why I chose this object  'Cause it's something I created [the necklace] that makes me feel tranquil, mystic, happy - one love!
Ethnic background Persian/Irish & Scottish
Year of birth 1963
Astrological sign Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Aquarius Moon. Air + Air + Air is why I want to fly like an eagle!
Current Occupation MAMA - Jewelry Designer - work with the community.
Next goal  To start up the Revolution!
Other info Love to drum & sing & get wild & sweaty! I love to work in the garden, cook; hate to clean & anything tedious & routine. I'm moving into the next bedroom so I don't have anymore babies - 3's a charm! I want to travel everywhere to connect with the entire universe & put out the positive irietions across the nations! Jah bless us & guide us all!
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